Excerpt from BULK12: Truss recorded live @ Culture Box

For those of you that want to relive a bit of the last BULK party, or for those who missed it, we bring you 30 minutes of Truss’ intense set, recorded on location. Be careful handling this, this is nitroglycerin, boys ‘n girls…

We had a brief talk with Truss about the night and, his DJ’ing in general, so take a gander after pressing play below.

What came first, producing or DJ’ing?
DJ’ing. I purchased my first set of turntables when I was 15. At this point I has no idea about how the music on records I was buying was made. It wasn’t until a few years later that I first started playing about with some music software and I slowly got my head around sampling, sequencing and synthesis etc.

(How) Do you prepare for your sets, and did you do anything different for the BULK one?
I’ve never liked to prepare too much for my sets. I believe that DJ sets should be largely spontaneous and delivered in a way that best suits the given environment (location, crowd, time of day etc) while retaining the signature stamp of the DJ/producer that people have come to see. Knowing my records and how they can be used both individually and in sequence with one another to create different moods is the key for me.

Did you have any expectations for the BULK/Culture Box night?
I try not to have expectations of clubs and/or cities that I’ve never played before, my experience in the past is that the party will usually be very different to how I imagined it would. However in this instance I had heard a lot of good things about the club from friends who had already played there and so I guess my expectations were quite high.

And how was your experience there, did people react as expected or differently?
My experience was great, the club was a perfect size with a great sound system and turntables that really work (which is becoming increasingly rare these days!) It’s always interesting playing a new city in a new country, I’ve noticed that crowds in different countries react in very different ways. It seemed that people here were really paying attention to the records I was playing and were willing to go with the flow of the set even if there may have been the odd record that they weren’t necessarily into. In some countries I find that if I deviate too far from a rigid 4x4 beat, then I risk losing a lot of people on the dance floor, however at Culture Box people seemed to respond well to the odd twist and turn.

Any highlights from the night?
As is usually the case it’s getting to meet a load of lovely likeminded people and sharing some of my favourite music with them. I know that sounds very soppy, but it’s true.

Not soppy at all mate, we know how you feel. Thanks again for making BULK12 so memorable!

This just in on BULK-TMZ: Troels “CTRLS” Knudsen got his mind blown by Truss!

Past & Future - X marks the spot in your calenders.

Past & Future - X marks the spot in your calenders.

Click it or ticket, bridget!

Why not kill the wait for the next Bulk party with a journey out into the Danish countryside? If you follow our suggestion, we promise you something else than endless corn fields and boring pastures. Nay, we have a real carrot at the end of the rainbow for you: Click Festival, located in Elsinore (Helsingør).

The Bulk office does not possess the required literacy to come up with shrewd pun connecting Shakespeare and electronic music, so we’re gonna skip straight past the smug chin-stroking and tell you what we absolutely cannot miss in the festival program this year.

Ryoji Ikeda (JP)

Combining audio and visuals, mr. Ikeda seems very interested in (the representation of) data, and the aesthetics of data representation. You can find him exhibiting his work in both places like Hamburger Bahnhof, and on labels like Raster-Noton. And now also in Elsinore.

Robert Henke (DE)

This main is currently teaching old Bulk crew member Jacob a lot about sound and art, at Universität der Künste, in Berlin. But, for the 2 persons out there that does not already know this guy, he is not your average college prof. Apart from being Monolake, he works for Ableton, and had his run at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering studio in Berlin. Impressive CV. Impressive music.

Ekoplekz (UK)

This is probably who Asmus is looking most forward to hearing, and he has no clue who he is, apart from the fact that he bought the Fountain Square EP on Mordant Music back in 2011 and was blown away by this crazy, analogue sound-wall of synthesizers. Listen to it for chrissakes, it’s the soundtrack of the best early 80ies sci fi romance movie never made. Featuring David Bowie.

Kasper Marott (DK)

We gotta round it off with the most well-rounded local we know. While not yet in the leagues of the previous two mentioned artists, it can only be a matter of time before mr. Marott leaves his farm and his goats, and conquers the world. Expect an innate flair for groove, in a liveset comprised of jams varying from house to the techno flavour. No more chin-scratching, nothankyousir.

Uh, oh, and how to get there? No freaking idea. But the festival guys have. See you out there!

Facebook event link