In the name of the Rrose…
This handsome entity is headlining BULK11 this Saturday…

This Saturday, we’ve got the finest crop of the techno flora for you.
For the first time ever, Rrose will visit Denmark. He will perform live at Culture Box for our next installment of BULK. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about that.

So why the excitement? Well, for starters, Rrose was the first artist outside of the Sandwell District collective (Regis, Function, Silent Servant et al.…), to release on Sandwell District. It is not an easy task to catch the attention of the Techno demigods, let alone impress them enough to make them release your music. Rrose did just that. And we’re glad he did.

Leaning closely up against the Sandwell sound, Rrose adds new textures and layers to their sound, with grooves that are so unfathomably deep that they’re better described as chasms. And the shadowy abyss is prevalent in all of Rrose’s productions.

Be it peak time banger or experimental noise track, Rrose does it all with surprising coherence, purveying a thoroughly accomplished aesthetic all the way through. And as such we simply cannot recommend the Rrose experience warmly enough.

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This is it, ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived at Z. There are no more letters in the english alphabet. We will not force our uncanny Scandinavian ways upon our contributors, and make them find names with “Æ”, “Ø”, and “Å”. Thus, this mix concludes the first installment of BULK mixes. The end is upon us. But fear not. We shall return in a form distinct from the present. The mold must be refashioned, for the ingots to keep materializing… But let us not dwell on the matter any further, and instead rejoice in the monolith that is this mix:

This month’s mix is brought to you by Copenhagen’s very own DJ and techno producer, Lasse Buhl. Lasse is probably most known for being one half of the danish techno duo Northern Structures, with several hard hitting releases on Adam X’s label, Sonic Groove, but he is also producing tracks on his own, and he recently released an EP on the Copenhagen based label, Echocord Colour. Just as Echocord, Lasse has his roots in Copenhagen’s number one (is there even a number two?) techno club, Culture Box, where he grew up and was techno-baptized together with the rest of the BULK crew, back when we were all cleaning up empty bottles instead of unclosed html tags. We have therefore followed Lasse’s musical development closely, and are extremely happy to present his mix today.

What is it like producing techno in a small city like Copenhagen? Are you inspired by any of the local artists?
Copenhagen is nice, i like it a lot - especially in the winter. I guess it can be difficult to discover new acts and artist in a small city like Copenhagen, but I’m trying to get abroad as much as I can. To be honest I don’t really get that inspired from other local artists. Don’t get me wrong, there are some seriously talented guys in Copenhagen, but I am more inspired by my surroundings and the scenery of the city. And my mood…

If you make it big, would you consider moving somewhere else, like Berlin?
Hahah, make it big? If I wanted to make it big I would produce bongo house! People love that shit you know…. At the moment I have no plans of moving. Berlin is nice but I prefer being there as a visitor, get my techno fix, and get home.

You have a series of releases behind you as one part of the duo Northern Structure and you recently released your debut solo EP on Echocord Colour. What made you want to do a solo release?
I am not sure actually. I have always been keeping my own productions for myself. With the Echocord Colour release it came very naturally. I’ve known Kenneth many years and I always thought the label was nice, so when I had some softer tracks I sent them to him and he released them.

So what is the difference between the music on a Northern Structures EP and a Lasse Buhl EP?
Thats actually hard to answer. My Echocord Colour release is quite different from the Northern Structures stuff, but I am sure you can hear some similarities.

What’s in the Lasse Buhl techno pipeline?
We’re currently working on a new Northern Structures EP on Sonic Groove. Besides that, I’m also doing a Lasse Buhl Split EP with another dude on an Italian label, and some secret techno action straight outta 2100east.

We will be looking forward to that! Let’s talk about your mix. How did you record it?
My setup consists of a 1210 and a 1200 with a Xone mixer.

Ok. Why did you chose to name it Zilal?
Because it is super techno.

What did you do one hour before recording the mix?
Bitching about my needles and had a cup of coffee with my girlfriend. And cigarettes…

Coffee and cigarettes… Sounds like the perfect way to set the mood for this mix.

BULK10 This Saturday!!!

We’re pretty happy with the lineup. More info on facebook.

Here’s a little teaser video:

More artists background on this page in the next following days…