Yes that’s right! The next BULK installment is soon upon us!

In other news, Asmus did a mix for the BunkerBauer crew, give it a listen if you haven’t already. The tracklist is below.

Reeko - Segmento 4 
Regis - Solution (voices)
Antigone - And When The Sky Was Opened
Ø - Aaltovaihe
Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version)
Call Super - Depicta
Dadub - Existence (Kangding Ray Remix)
Papers001 - B1
Pacou - Tijuca
Surgeon - Floorshow Part II
Frozen Border - Mages
Radial - 1980
Pew & Kowton - Raw Code (Surgeon Remix)
Radial - Revolver
Marco Carola - Third Question
Halcyon Daze - Tribal Imbalance
Binny - Destroyer
Blacknecks 004
Headless Horseman - Northfield Lane
Pacou - Timeline
Forward Strategy Group - Elegant Mistakes
Surgeon - Waiting for Me
Hodge - Renegades
CTRLS - Charge
Pan Sonic - Vapina 2
Regis - S/He 1
Head Front Panel 001
Truss - Beacon (MPIA3 Definition)
Silvershower - Ice Fractions
Dr Kevorkian - Aftermath
Jeff Mills - L8
Planetary Assault Systems - In From the Night
Darqwan / Oris Jay - Said the Spider (Surgeon Remix)
Inigo Kennedy - Aldebaraan
BMB - Dead Sun
Do Not Resist The Beat 004
Shifted - Unveiled
BMB - Father Loves Us
Shadows - Distorted Images
Demdike Stare - Dyslogy
Regis - Solution (voices)
Violetshaped - The Lord Won’t Forget (Roly Porter Remix)
Raime - Your Cast Will Tire
Jacaszek - Evening Strains to be Time’s Vast

The Hour Will Be Blue, the Theory Will Be Grounded

Tomorrow, Henning Baer is returning to BULK, and this time, he brought along a British-born, Berlin-based talent: Blue Hour. While his back-catalogue is still relatively small, every release is worth owning. Twice.

Since there’s really no reason to introduce Henning Baer any further (we think he did that perfectly himself behind the decks), this will focus on what you can expect from Blue Hour.

His sound combines the lush, but melanchonic synth pads reminiscent of Sandwell District with a running, mechanistic groove a la Staffan Linzatti, carefully restraining any use of shuffle in the drum programming to avoid ending up in the cheese-department.
- A place you often find yourself when browsing for melody and melancholy.

When need be, the shuffle is there, on top of the UK-inspired broken beats:

It is simply amazing that something can sound so warm and so cold at the same time. We’re certain the Box will sound the same, but only feel warm. Very warm.

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