BULK Mix #22: Vava by Sawf

Sawf’s Discogs profile simply states “Producer devoted to Techno”. It is not lying.

Rather than spending his time giving long-winded answers to puny hype-blogs like the one you’re reading now, Sawf seems to prefer to be brief, and to the point. This carries over into his musical style as well: With industrial precision, Sawf carves out the first 45 mix-minutes of the most adamantine tracks imaginable, before asking “what time it is” (track ID please!), releasing the tension with breaks, strings and bliss, if only for a fleeting moment. He then spends the rest of the mix delving deeper into the concrete abyss of his dystopian universe.

If you were looking for actual info on who Sawf is instead of mindless technobabble, well, we can tell you that he’s been releasing on Perc Trax since 2008, is from Athens, and kinda secretive. For more, see what he has to say for himself, after the mix:

What does “Sawf” mean?
Nothing, it’s just half of my real small name

Where are you from/born/raised?
Born in Montreal raised in Crete, living in Athens for the last 10 years.

What got you into techno?
I got my hands on a techno release about 2000, it was a Tresor compilation. In the years that followed I got more interested and searched for various sub-genres in order to find something fulfilling sound wise speaking, until I was convinced that repetition can be a good thing.

Tell us a bit about the techno scene in Athens? We suspect it to be a bit like the Copenhagen scene - small but dedicated.
Exactly. People want more but the financial risk of preparing something proper due to the obvious reasons is holding it back.

What was your thoughts behind the mix you provided us?
Doing a club mix. A bit faster than a mix i would usual record.

How and where was the mix recorded?
Traktor at home, 4 channels and a controller.

What did you do 1 hour before the mix was recorded?
Preparing for the hour to come.

Why the name Vava?
It’s a name of a female cat. And half of the title of my debut EP.

Thank you!

Tracklist 1. Acid 1 - Techtull Moth (Sawf Reprise) [n/a]
2. Sawf - Agria [n/a]
3. Sawf - Faxta [Audio Assault]
4. Whatever, Girl - Activator (You Need Some) (Sawf Dub Cut) [Vicious Muzik Records, n/a]
5. Sawf - Diin [Perc Trax]
6. Sawf - Rusha [n/a]
7. Sawf - Pata (Dub) [n/a]
8. A Vision Of Love - Hate (2/6) [Avian]
9. Sleeparchive - 3 [Tresor]
10.Northstar - 3.5% Recall (Sawf Edit) [Disko B,n/a]
11.Stanny Fransen - Data strings (Chris Liebing Remix) (Sawf Beats) [Genetic Recordings,n/a]
12.Sawf - Ritra [n/a]
13.Sawf - Stroma [n/a]
14.Dj Deeon - Shake it [Databass Records]
15.Umek - Bronildera [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]
16.JB³ - Curb (Dave Angel Remix) (Sawf Drums) [Novamute,n/a]
17.Sawf - Stasidia [n/a]
18.Prodigy - Android (Sawf Reprise) [XL Recordings,n/a]
19.Sawf - Know The System [Code is Law]
20.Sawf - Booma [n/a]
21.Doppereffekt - Rocket scientist [Dataphysix Engineering]
22.Sawf - Fame [n/a]